President’s Corner — January, 2018

Happy New Year, twelve new months ahead of us in which to excel. I’m looking forward to a great year, and hope you are too.

Our Board began the year with the loss of Board member and Secretary Virginia Vargas. Virginia and her husband are expanding their law practice, so she will be devoting time to that endeavor. We wish them great success. We are extremely fortunate to welcome Betty Cummings as our new Board member and Secretary. Betty and her husband Terry have been  Mesa Verde residents for many years, and she brings vast secretarial experience to our Board. Welcome aboard Betty.

We will be holding the annual meeting of MVCI on March 28th, so mark your calendar. Our theme this year is “Family and Neighborhood Safety”.  Speakers from our Police and Fire departments will bring us tried and true methods for enhancing the integrity of our homes.

This is an election year, and we will be electing City Council members by district rather than at large as before. The Mayor will be elected at large, by the voters, rather than by the Council. Costa Mesa will have six districts, so the Council will consist of six Council members, plus the Mayor.Some new wrinkles on the political scene.  More on this later as the picture unfolds.

We always like to hear from you: How are we doing? What would you like to see from us? Would you like us to hold a “candidate’s forum” as we have in the past? Social activity, such as a chili cook off, barbecue, picnic? Games for the kids? Give us feedback. You can contact us easily through the website.

Our goal is to keep our website fresh with new ideas and information. For example, we just added the ability to pay your dues and make contributions via PayPal. So please stay tuned. I’ll talk to you again next month.

Bob Juneman

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