One Metro West **IMPORTANT**

Hi Mesa Verde Neighbors! If you are concerned about the changing character of the city and have a moment, please write a comment to the city planning department — and the Mayor and City Council members — about the One Metro West project that is planned for the area adjacent to SoCo. The deadline for public comments on the One Metro West project was extended to Monday, March 30, 2020. Mesa Verde Community, Inc. recently presented a letter to the city in which we expressed our opposition to this project. A copy of the letter appears at the bottom of this post.

Development in our city is inevitable, but anything we can do to mitigate the impact will be a worthwhile endeavor.


~Terry Wall

OneMetroWest DEIR – Signed 032020

2 thoughts on “One Metro West **IMPORTANT**

  1. I was not aware of this project until yesterday. My fault for not being more in tune with critical issues impacting our community. Part of that has been the national distraction due to COVID. That aside, I am absolutely opposed to this development effort and I am wondering if there is anything I can do at this point since the public comment deadline appears to have passed already. If it is too late, I assume this project will need to be put up to the vote of residents?


    1. Hi there, Ed…nice to hear from you! Yes, the COVID mess has had everyone running sideways lately, but the One Metro West project has been at the forefront of city activity. You may have heard that the Planning Commission referred the project to the City Council and after a LOT of debate, they are looking to place an amendment onto Measure Y. You may recall that Measure Y mandates that large scale projects have to go before the city voters to be put in place. The amendment currently being discussed may take the shape of an exemption for developments under consideration that are located North of the 405 freeway.

      It isn’t too late, though there is only one more meeting on this matter (unless deferred again), scheduled for May 26th where public comments can be given. It will probably be a tele-meeting, but there are several ways to watch and comment. I hope this helps.



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