President’s Corner — October, 2018

Hello neighbors,

Halloween approaches, but with this warm weather I wonder about the frost on the pumpkin. Maybe it will be a nice evening for the trick or treaters. Got your costume ready?

Our recent candidates forum was very successful. All ten candidates for City Council and Mayor participated, and all performed well. I believe our audience gained a better perspective on the issues facing our community. You may view the entire forum by clicking here.

Our work with the CMPD on traffic issues continues to bring results. Citations for speeding and other violations have increased since the beginning of greater vigilance. Thank you Lt. Bakkila and the traffic division. We will continue to pursue this effort and report to you periodically on the results. Please keep us informed of particular hot spots. Be specific as to time, location and type of violation. To give you an idea of the magnitude of this effort, here are some stats on citations so far this year:

Mesa Verde Drive            20
Adams                             452
Baker                                182
Oriole                                   7
Tanager                              71
Gisler                                 26

The recent grand opening of Fire Station One was a huge success. The facility is a beauty and fully operational. Just another example of “keeping Mesa Verde Safe”. Hats off to our City staff, Chief Stefano, and the CMFD for pulling off the building of this great new asset.

The “Shops at Mesa Verde” are progressing nicely if not quickly. Descanso is scheduled to open the first week of November, and Stylists will open soon with a grand opening set for late November. We will soon see a whole new look for this area.

We are looking for a volunteer “Data Manager” and possible Board member to manage the data base for our growing membership. If interested, please send an email to, and put “Data Manager” in the subject line.

Finally, thank you and congratulations to Leah Ersoylu, our newest Lifetime member. If you have not renewed your membership for this year (Apr 1 – Mar 31), this is a great time to do so. Click here  to access the application form (PDF).

‘Til next month,
Happy Halloween!


President’s Corner — September, 2018

It’s that time again – beginning of Fall, kids back in school, and the silly season (elections) is upon us. So, I should begin this month’s President’s Corner by reminding you of our MVCI Candidate Forum, October 4th. It’s a new ball game for Costa Mesa; election of Council members by district, and an independently elected mayor by the electorate at large. All candidates have accepted our invitation to participate, and all residents of Costa Mesa are invited to attend. Please see the detailed notice posted on this website under Neighborhood News.

By now you have received our semi-annual newsletter. Many hours of work by our Board of Directors have gone into this production, and we hope you enjoy it. As always, we appreciate feedback on what you want to see in this publication. A special thank you to our MVCI Volunteers, Gayle Rindge, Cindy Veach, Christine Williamson, Karen Jovanovic, and Ginger Juneman for their help in getting this edition labeled and stickered.

In my August President’s Corner I mentioned our work with the CMPD in identifying and curbing speeding in our neighborhoods. We are already seeing some early results, thanks to Lt. Bakkila and the traffic division. Covert cameras have been placed in strategic locations throughout Mesa Verde. Just a word to the wise: Yes, Costa Mesa can always use some extra revenue, but let’s not donate it through traffic fines!

We are working on a “Town Hall” style forum with our new school board, hopefully in January. We expect that families with school age children will be especially interested in the philosophy and policies of the folks that set the agenda for our teachers. Stay tuned for date and time.

Finally, if you have not yet renewed your membership in MVCI, please do so. A membership form can be downloaded from this website.

‘Til next month, be happy in your work.🤠


President’s Corner — August, 2018

In last month’s President’s Corner, I reviewed comments from our recent survey. The most prevalent pertained to traffic issues; speeding, running stop signs, and noise.  We brought this to the attention of CMPD, and got the immediate response of Chief Rob Sharpnack, “I think we can help you, but specifics would be helpful.” So, we got them, from you, our residents.  Keep the comments coming: where, what time, what day. Is it speeding, running stop signs, etc. Be specific.  We are gathering all this information and working with Lt. Victor Bakkila, traffic division.  Let’s hope we can make a big dent in this  problem. This will be an ongoing project, and we will keep you informed of progress.

We are working on some informational Town Hall meetings in the next few months, and will announce soon. Mark your calendar for October 4th, when we will be holding our candidate forum for City Council and Mayor.

Elsewhere in this newsletter/website, you will find more detailed info on the candidate forum, The Shops at Mesa Verde, and the opening of Fire Station One.

We still have a good inventory of our famous NO SOLICITATION signs, including mounting brackets, for $5 each. Please contact Arlene Jones at 714-540 6039.

Once again, please remember to renew your MVCI membership. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining us. We have a downloadable application on the website, or, if you’re “low tech” (like me), call me at 714-241 9951 and I’ll help you get aboard.  Membership is our lifeblood, and your annual dues the only resource for our activities.  We keep the membership list on the website and it is up to date. Thank you!

‘til next time,



Many of you were kind enough to complete our recent survey, so I thought I would summarize the most common themes, in response to the last survey question, “What would you like to see most from MVCI?”

1. Provide information on what is going on in town, especially Mesa Verde.

2. What is being done about the homeless and the sober living facilities?

3. Organize more community activities, I.e. town halls, etc.

4. Remind residents to keep their property presentable.

5. Stop the speeding in our neighborhoods.

6. Keep us informed as to what the city council is up to.

7. Do not engage in politics.

8. What are the benefits of membership in MVCI?

9. Why is crime increasing?

10. You’re doing fine-just keep it up.

Of course, we wish all responses were #10, but then, we wouldn’t have anything left to do. Let’s look at some of these themes. #1: we will step up the pace. Please check our website, as we try to keep it fresh. Also, visit our Facebook page (, and sign up for our e-mail blast at Our next semi-annual newsletter is scheduled for publication in late September. #3: we’re working on several town hall events during the Winter. We will be holding a candidate’s forum in October, our annual meeting in March, and our picnic in May.  #5: Would love to. We will notify CMPD of the concern in our community.  #7: We don’t. We are a non-political. Non-partisan association. #8: Great question! Please visit our website as to who we are and what we do.

We will work on a more persuasive statement, but keep in mind our mission statement “Inform, Protect and Beautify” Mesa Verde. These are the ends to which we strive, in our advocacy for Mesa Verde residents. Finally, #9, CMPD statistics indicate crime to actually be decreasing, but, if it happens in your neighborhood, ….. well, that’s different. We might suggest you consider forming a Neighborhood Watch group, sponsored by our Police Dept. We can help you with that.

We appreciate your participation in our survey, and we will be doing these periodically. If you have a specific problem, please contact us through our website. We will do our best to help you. We will release other survey findings in subsequent posts.

Thanks for tuning in.

Bob Juneman

Neighborhood Watch


Neighborhood Watch

“The eyes and ears of law enforcement”

Mesa Verde State Streets

October 2, 2017


Our initial meeting was last night and well attended. We estimate over 40 people came to hear the Costa Mesa PD Public Affairs Manager Roxi Fyad speak about crime prevention. She opened up by introducing herself with a little bit of her career history, starting her career as a 2nd responder, then she worked as the spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s office for 9 years and is now the with the CMPD. She has been trained on crime prevention.

Roxi gave the history on Neighborhood Watch, and how the community and the local police department can team up to prevent criminal activity. She explained the history of the last 3 months for our neighborhood and stated that we have had 35 burglary calls in 3 months, and many calls for the Vagabond Inn.

Costa Mesa is divided into 2 areas. 6 officers are on patrol at a time in our area which is Area 2. There are 119 sworn in officers on the force at this time but that number should be going up.

She placed importance on always locking up your home and vehicles to lower the opportunities for these crimes to be committed, as well as installing flood lights, RING doorbells, keeping your porch light on at night, and cameras that can view license plates and have great picture quality to be able to see faces clearly. Taking these precautions will slow down the opportunity for the crime to happen. Another point Roxi made was that we need to keep anything that looks valuable out of sight, when inside our vehicles. Even having mail on the front seat can be a lure for them to think that maybe one of those envelopes might have a credit card or check inside.

Officer J. Korte arrived and reiterated a lot of what Roxi had said. He has been with CMPD for the last 3 years and was with Redondo PD before joining up with CMPD. Many of the neighbors that attended gave personal stories of what they have experienced, and Officer Korte explained that there are a number of reasons which these individuals are in our neighborhoods. Starting with Prop. 47, which means many people who have committed crimes have short custody lengths, along with the individuals who come to Costa Mesa to seek help for their substance abuse issues who are placed back on the streets. These individuals become homeless in our area. The suggested long term fix was – People need to step up to be leaders, starting at the city level then county and state. Coming out to vote for what is important to us is also a step in the right direction.

Officer Korte said it is legal to take pictures of these individuals if they are out in a public place. Every situation is different, and some of these individuals who are causing issues in our neighborhood can be dangerous, so it is advised to always be safe and to call the police.

Knowing who your neighbors are is important. If you see anybody that look suspect or out of place, it is highly recommended to call the CMPD. One of the things that the officers hear a lot is that people don’t call because they don’t want to bother the police. But when we don’t call, the police will not know that there is an issue in that area. Roxi also stated that she really likes, and CMPD are planning on establishing an account in the near future. CMPD is already on Facebook and Twitter. A website that Roxi suggested was, which keeps you up-to-date with relevant information from your local public safety departments & schools. All you have to do is log in to and type in your zip code, or text your zip code to 888777 to opt-in. There is also a Manual for Neighborhood Watch if you have any questions about how to be a part of one in your area.

Here is the link:

The City of Costa Mesa is in the midst of looking for a crime analyst to hire to give us a picture of all the crimes happening in Costa Mesa.

We are the eyes and ears of our area, and the police cannot see everything. They will only know there is an issue if we call and report. When the crowd was asked if they had been affected by the crime issues in our area, about 90% raised their hands.

A good question asked was: “What is a good way to approach a criminal?”

Answer: If you see someone that is dangerous, do not put yourself in danger. If they have something in their hand, do not approach them. Just call the police and be ready to describe the appearance of the individual in question.

By locking up our vehicles and homes every time, we will help slow down the situation, and the criminals will have less reason to return. One of the neighbors suggested gathering funds from interested Mesa Verde residents to install a high tech camera in the neighborhood. It would require approval from the City in order to place that camera on any city property so Roxi asked this neighbor to email her, and maybe that is something that they can look into.

I hope that this gives us neighbors a better idea of what is happening here in Mesa Verde and Costa Mesa. We will reach out again soon to give you all an update of our areas neighborhood watch team. Thanks to Roxi Fyad and Officer Korte for coming out and informing us, John and Cindy Leffler for putting this together and to all the neighbors who attended the meeting.


Respectfully submitted by,
Virginia Vargas