President’s Corner — August, 2018

In last month’s President’s Corner, I reviewed comments from our recent survey. The most prevalent pertained to traffic issues; speeding, running stop signs, and noise.  We brought this to the attention of CMPD, and got the immediate response of Chief Rob Sharpnack, “I think we can help you, but specifics would be helpful.” So, we got them, from you, our residents.  Keep the comments coming: where, what time, what day. Is it speeding, running stop signs, etc. Be specific.  We are gathering all this information and working with Lt. Victor Bakkila, traffic division.  Let’s hope we can make a big dent in this  problem. This will be an ongoing project, and we will keep you informed of progress.

We are working on some informational Town Hall meetings in the next few months, and will announce soon. Mark your calendar for October 4th, when we will be holding our candidate forum for City Council and Mayor.

Elsewhere in this newsletter/website, you will find more detailed info on the candidate forum, The Shops at Mesa Verde, and the opening of Fire Station One.

We still have a good inventory of our famous NO SOLICITATION signs, including mounting brackets, for $5 each. Please contact Arlene Jones at 714-540 6039.

Once again, please remember to renew your MVCI membership. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining us. We have a downloadable application on the website, or, if you’re “low tech” (like me), call me at 714-241 9951 and I’ll help you get aboard.  Membership is our lifeblood, and your annual dues the only resource for our activities.  We keep the membership list on the website and it is up to date. Thank you!

‘til next time,


8 thoughts on “President’s Corner — August, 2018

  1. Hi terry, if I’m unable to make it to the meeting tonight, is there another way I can grab a sign? I have two little boys and that’s about the time I start getting them ready for bed.


    1. Hello, Natalie! The meeting was great and Bill Burke gave a riveting presentation about his mountaineering endeavors. You can pick up a sign from Bob Juneman…just make arrangements with him via email: Thanks for asking, and if you haven’t renewed your MVCI membership, you can do so from the PDF on this site. Regards, ~Terry


  2. Hi terry,

    I emailed bob and haven’t gotten a response. Would you please notify him that I emailed him or is there another way for me to get in touch with him.


    1. Good morning, Natalie! Send me your email address to and I’ll send you his phone number. Odd that Bob didn’t respond…he’s normally very good about those things. Actually, I just went and checked a closet and I have an extra sign, so when you send your email address, I’ll give you my contact info and you can get a sign from me. ~TW


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