Goodbye, Old Friend!

Does anyone know my history???

While planning our sign update project, it occurred to us that we really didn’t know when the original sign was placed at Adams and Mesa Verde.  Also, we’re not sure who put it there – MVCI (we think), the City, etc.???  I suppose somewhere in the MVCI archives there might be an answer, but the thought of asking our readers to search your memory might be much more fun!  Please think back – when was the first time (approximate date) you remember seeing it – was it when your kids were at Estancia, when you were getting exercise walking or going to play golf, was it there when you moved to Mesa Verde or visiting the Adobe and Balearic Park, etc.???

We’d like to publish your answers for fun – no names are necessary (don’t want to give away your age unless you want us to)!  Also, the white sign (above) had a partner at Adams and Shantar.  Did they go up at the same time?  There is no prize for this survey — just a trip down memory lane.  Send your memories in to the web as soon as you can, using the “feedback” page (

Oh, by the way, here’s one of the newly refurbished signs. This is one of the many things we do as an organization to help keep our community looking good!

Arlene Jones, for the MVCI Board

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