2019 MVCI Annual Meeting Video **NOW AVAILABLE**


The 2020 MVCI Annual Meeting has been postponed until further notice. More information appears on the home page.

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Last year’s Annual Meeting was a rousing success! We elected existing Board members to new terms and appointed a brand new Board member, Geri Hidalgo, who will serve as the organization’s Database Manager. Following our “official” business, our featured speaker, Bill Burke wowed everyone in the room with his mountaineering exploits. He has climbed to the summit of the tallest mountain across the eight continents (his website is eightsummits.com), and Mt. Everest TWICE!

While watching the video, we invite you to consider joining MVCI and you can either join or renew your membership right here on the website. We also invite your comments and feedback, which you can do elsewhere on the site.



P.S. We acknowledge that the audio in this video is not as good as we would have liked. We were unable to directly link the audio to its source and had to resort to placing a microphone near one of the speakers in the room. Not the best solution, but it did work. ~T