Parkway Trees


WOW! The printed newsletter hit homes over the last few days and the reaction was incredible! The feedback to the website spiked as people were curious about how a parkway tree could be obtained. The writer contacted the city and spoke with Rick Francis, Assistant CEO, and he shared this insight:

“Terry, if there is room in the parkway and it is already irrigated, the city will come and plant a tree. If it is not irrigated, they won’t because the city is responsible for watering the tree. For further information, community residents should call Marian at 714-754-5123. If your parkway area is OK for planting, she can start a work order.”

Rick also pointed out that different trees are being used to avoid out-of-control root systems that have caused sidewalk upheaval in some areas. The newer trees are less invasive.

Hope that helps. Enjoy your weekend.

5 thoughts on “Parkway Trees

  1. Hello- We are interested in the possibility of a parkway tree. Please contact me, Stacey, at 714-642-8234. Many thanks.


  2. we have an ugly tree in our parkway but I had to convince our neighbor to remove it for hopefully planting a less invasive and prettier than the one we have. The tree is on the 2 properties: half his, half ours. What a great opportunity for me to finally get rid of the unattractive tree!

    Would you help us removing the ugly tree or would it be our responsibility?

    Looking forward to hear from you! cell: 714 876 7006


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